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Rector Bexheti panelist in the conference on fiscal and monetary policies organized by the Government of the RNM

Rector of the South East European University--Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in the capacity of the main panelist, was a participant in the annual conference organized by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia entitled "The Year of New Opportunities", which was held in Skopje, on Monday and Tuesday (30-31 January 2023).

On this occasion, Rector Bexheti emphasized that the fiscal history of the past century and up to now, including the recent energy and inflationary crisis, prove to us that precisely these major economic crises are the reason for the acceleration of reforms and not the other way around.

“Considering the state of the existing tax system in RNM, which is very regressive, with a tax base dominated by tax reliefs and exemptions, a base not sufficiently convergent with the tax system of the EU member states, where there are no flexible solutions for taxation of high profits as a result of the crisis. Where income from wages is taxed very explicitly in relation to income and capital gains, where there are no ecological tax solutions, where the scale of digital taxation does not yet respond to the challenges of the time, where online supplies are not effectively under control and as such still generate high levels of the informal economy, economic reforms are necessary in accordance with the Conception and Strategy approved a year ago” said among other things Rector Bexheti.

He presented his views in the third panel, where special emphasis was placed on fiscal and monetary policies in the RNM.