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The traditional tournament "MEMORIALI ARBËN XHAFERI " was held

On Thursday (November17) as part of the activities for the 21st anniversary of the establishment of South East European University, in the organization of the SEEU Sports Department, the traditional tournament in indoor football "MEMORIALI ARBËN XHAFERI" was held in the sports hall of the Medical High School.

Secondary schools of the Municipality of Tetova participated in this tournament, such as: Medical School -"Nikolla Shtejn", Gymnasium-"7 March", Economic School -"8 September", Agricultural School-"Mosha Pijade", College -"Maarif International Schools", College-"Yahja Kemal", Gymnasium-"Kiril Pejčinović", Textile High School-"Gjoce Stojceski".

The winner of the tournament was the team of the Medical High School "Nikolla Shtejn", while the team of the Economic School -"8 September” was ranked second and the team of the Gymnasium "7 March" won the third place.

As a sign of gratitude, all the participants in this tournament were given recognition as well as cups and medals for the winners of the first 3 places.

The tournament was developed in a festive atmosphere, with many spectators from high schools and students.