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Commemorative meeting organized in the honor of late Professor Emine Zendeli

At the South East European University in Tetovo, on Tuesday (September 14, 2021), a commemorative meeting was organized in the honor of late Professor Emine Zendeli - staff and former dean of the SEEU Faculty of Law.

“We remember Professor Emine from many aspects, from the traces she has left in a positive sense, but I will refer to two or three aspects of life that make each of us specific. We remember the late professor for her academic integrity, academic contribution and above all the human element she possessed. Professor Emine passed away at a relatively young age, at an age when we expected the most from her as an institutional family, as a University in general and the Faculty of Law in particular. I would like to share with you a moment of our joint work, which was the drafting of the University Statute, after the amendments to the Law on Higher Education in 2018. She was the leader of the design and conception of the SEEU Statute, for the structuring of which we are all proud. Thanks to her work and above all, thanks to her concrete experience in drafting legal documents, our Status in the respective government bodies passed with only a few minor remarks. The issue of academic integrity is expressed and appreciated better than anyone else only by students, therefore today we have many students, who even on social networks gladly commemorate her intellectual and professional contribution ", said among other things in his address Acad. Prof. Dr. Adylmenaf Bexheti, Rector of the South East European University.

Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Adnan Jashari, by evoking the memories, expressed his deep regret and sorrow due to the early departure from this world of Professor Emine.

“It is a very painful moment to say goodbye for the last time to Professor Emine, who gave a lot for the Faculty of Law, SEEU and higher education in general. Professor Emine and I were of the same generation during our studies in Prishtina. At that time as a student, she was an excellent example. Above all, she was communicative, humane, doing everything to help all students without exception. At the Faculty of Law, she was involved from the very beginning, as an assistant, professor, dean, member of the Senate and recently as coordinator”.

Nagip Zendeli, husband of late Professor Emine Zendeli, thanked the staff of the University for organizing this commemoration and expressed the consideration that Professor Emine has had for the University and students in particular.

“I am conveying her message to the University staff, which was to cultivate this cradle of education. I can tell you that she loved you all very much, especially female students, whom she supported a lot because of their prejudice against them," said Mr. Zendeli.

Staff and members of Professor Emine’s immediate family attended the commemorative meeting.