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Webinar on Reforms in English Teacher Education

The Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication/English Department gathered 35 participants from the country and the region discussing the reforms in English Teacher Education in the Balkan region.

Professors, experts, SEEU alumni and current students shared their research findings, practical experiences and opinions about what needed to be changed in order to respond to the constant demand for improvement and progress, responding to the challenges of the trends in the society, especially with regard to the circumstances created as a result of the world pandemics.

Prof. Andrew Goodspeed introduced the topic by giving a very comprehensive outline of the state of the art of English teaching in the country and wider with a historical perspective of the conditions that had led to the current situation characterized by a hyper production of English teachers with poor English knowledge. His discussion was followed by presentations of the guest speakers from the University of Tetovo, UBT Prishtina, “Mother Tereza” University and International Balkan University, after which there was a constructive discussion among participants.

The key messages sent from this very useful event were that English Teacher Training curricula should be revised so that they put accent on the excellent English skills of future teachers, then on the development of English for specific purposes and also on refining and further development of methodologies for online teaching as they would be more and more present in the future.

All participants expressed their satisfaction from the organization and the topic of the webinar.