COVID-19 Information and Protocol

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South East European University started with regular lectures with hybrid teaching system

Regular lectures for the new academic year 2020-21 have started today at the South East European University, for students of all study cycles.

The teaching process is combined (hybrid), which means direct teaching with students who are present in the class (according to the respective schedules), while students who for objective reasons will not be present, will be able to attend lectures online, via cameras installed in each classroom.

“In conditions of the pandemic COVID-19, the new academic year 2020/21, we start like never before, full of health challenges, but also test how we will cope and carefully manage the situation. Aware of the dangers, institutionally we have made maximum preparations for the strict implementation of all hygienic, distance and personal protection recommendations throughout the pandemic period” says the SEEU Rector, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti.

Due to not endangering the health of students and staff, for the first time for first year students (freshmen), the traditional reception at the Orientation week was not organized, but it was transformed into an online reception for students.

Through their e-mail addresses and through all the media of the University, including the University website, social networks and the official channel of the University on Youtube, to all first year students were sent a video message of the Rector, Dean and Student Adviser of the respective Faculty with concrete instructions for the beginning of the academic year.

With a special message, Rector Bexheti addressed all students and staff of the University, from whom he demands strict adherence to health recommendations and protocols and at the same time congratulated them for the commitment and adaptation they have made to the new circumstances.