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With physical presence and by respecting the distance, graduation ceremony of the sixteenth generation was held

The sixteenth-generation graduates of the South East European University, by respecting the measures for protection against the virus COVID 19, on Saturday (12th September 12, 2020) threw their hats at the Solemn Ceremony, which was held on the SEEU Tetovo campus.

“Each of you, traveled these years in your own way, full of memories from lectures, professors, exams, entertainment, ... that have left special impressions on you and that is the beauty of life. The common denominator for all of you today is the pleasure, emotions and positive energy that you carry and which you should enjoy! ” said Rector Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti.

You represent the strongest social, professional and intellectual capital with which this institution contributes intellectually to our society. There is no other project, for these three decades of social, political and economic transition that contributed so much to everyone individually, your families and society in general.

Your diploma represents the most credible passport for the Western market, both to continue with your academic and professional development but also to apply in the labor market.

“I understand but I do not justify your preference to invade the West at any cost! For those who know and want, be sure that even here you can earn and live well. This will be more obvious in the years to come. Today we are NATO member and with the status of negotiation with the EU, which is a good perspective and opportunity but also a challenge for more and more quality competition, where knowledge and competencies will be the key to your career success" said Rector Bexheti to graduates.

“Whichever direction you choose, we wish you good health and success. The door through which you will go out today (in the figurative sense of the word) remains open forever for all of you, may God grant, even for your children " said among others in his address speech, the SEEU Rector, Acad. Abdylmenaf Bexheti.

Directly, through the online platform, the graduates were greeted by the new President of the University Board, Dr. Klaus Tochtermann.

“From today on a new stage of your life begins, so you can call it the beginning of your success, and when you leave the university today, please always remember SEEU mission -bringing knowledge to life. At SEEU you have been trained in your discipline and now your mission is to take your knowledge out into the world and others benefit from it. I wish you and all others who are here today every success in fulfilling your goals” said President Tochtermann.

Well-known artists Venera Lumani and Lindi Islami took care for the artistic part of the ceremony.

The ceremony was held only with graduates present, without the presence of parents and the public.

Due to the Pandemic COVID-19, the Company ArbëriaDesign contributed also in organizing the Ceremony, which covered part of the costs for the Graduation Ceremony.