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SEEU winner of 11 research grants from the EU and national institutions

South East European University through the faculties and the Max van der Stoel Research Institute, for the period 2019-2020, has managed to be part of 11 research grants awarded by the EU, other international institutions and national institutions.

“We strongly believe that these projects will significantly expand the research capacities of the University and will have a lasting impact on the knowledge society ", says Prof. Dr. Veli Kreci, Director of the Research Institute Max van der Stoel.

Two projects from the most important program of the European Commission Horizon 2020 are currently being implemented or are expected to be completed.

The Smart4All project is a project within the Horizon 2020 Program, in which more universities in the region participate. This project aims to influence and eliminate the funding gap through concrete solutions in areas such as: digitized transport, digitized agriculture, digitized environment and everything else digitized. This project is expected to be completed in 2024.

The next project, which is nearing completion and which is also part of the Horizon 2020 program, is Fed4FIRE +, which is the world's largest database of testing parts for the Next Generation Internet. This project supports and facilitates various initiatives and research in Europe, including the 5G network. The project started in 2017 and is expected to be completed in December 2021. The results from the experiments will be at the service of SEEU Technology Park companies and will enable master and doctoral students to publish at world renowned conferences.

Another project implemented by SEEU is the project won by the Erasmus + Program, entitled "Inclusion of Roma and Emigrants in Schools: Training, Open Discussions and Voluntary Youth Activities (RoMigSc)". This project aims to eliminate discrimination, segregation and encourage voluntary activities among Roma youth and migrants.

Under the Erasmus KA201 program, the University won a grant for the project "FOSTering Science through STEM Education" aimed at improving STEM education in secondary schools in North Macedonia. It will further help SEEU establish a creative laboratory, a unique environment where SEEU students and the wider community will be able to create prototypes, invent, play and learn.

The project entitled: "Master in Responsive Budgeting", is also a grant won by the Erasmus KA203 Program and aims to develop the capacity of higher education institutions in the provision of courses and the master program in Gender Responsive Budgeting - GRB.

From the Fund for Innovation and Development, SEEU in cooperation with the Neting School, has managed to win a grant for the implementation of the Innovation Commercialization project, where both institutions, by engaging graduate academic staff in renowned universities around the world, will organize Vocational training for business, institutions and other stakeholders.

The Agency for Electronic Communications has supported the SEEU WISP project: Towards the construction of telecom infrastructure for citizens.

The Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia has awarded a grant to SEEU for the project "Ethical behavior of young people in a multicultural environment".

The main goal of the Max van der Stoel Research Institute is actively to involve students in research activities during the project. It has been proven that students' research experience encourages them to be more demanding and active in the learning process.