COVID-19 Information and Protocol

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Annual SEEU staff training was conducted according to pandemic conditions

South East European University in the new academic year 2020-21, will organize teaching processes on the site with physical presence and online. This was asked by students stated the Rector of the South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, in the second part of the training of the University staff which is being held from 19 to 21 August, on a key topic: University functioning in pandemic: sustaining quality.

Speaking about the functioning of the University in the new academic year, Rector Bexheti said that the University has spatial capacities, prepared staff and technology for the realization of quality teaching, whatever the recommendations of the health authorities and the Ministry of Education are.

In his overview, Rector Bexheti, stressed that during Pandemic Covid-19, the University proved that it was prepared and is the only university in the country, which replaced classical teaching with online teaching, on the same day when this was recommended by the Ministry of Education. It took more than a week for most universities in the country to enable online teaching.

“The next challenge is the institutional adaptability, by respecting the requirements of students, maintaining quality and first of all health of students and staff", said Rector Bexheti. He emphasized some of the University’s achievements in the first semester, such as: transparency and successful management during the election of the new composition of the Board, the election of the new Chairman of the Board and the successful management of online teaching and financial sustainability.

Rector Bexheti also revealed the activities that will be realized in the academic aspect in the new academic year.

“We plan the revision of the syllabuses, revision and adaptation to the needs of the time of the teaching materials, while the evaluation of the students will be expanded and will be on a weekly basis. Also, a part of the academic staff will be refreshed on merit basis, especially from doctoral students, as well as the staff that will teach in the new study program 'Architecture and Design' will be consolidated” said Rector Bexheti.

Regarding concrete actions, dynamics and other innovations in teaching, spoke Pro-rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Radevski.

Pro-rector for Research and International Relations - Prof. Dr. Besa Arifi spoke about the achievements and challenges in research.

For the budget and budget planning presented the Pro-rector for Planning and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Besnik Fetai.

For the online teaching: experiences from USA presented Prof. Faridah Pawan from Indiana University.

The training will end on Friday (21st August), and within the framework of the key topic, in sessions and working groups, other specific topics related to the new conditions created by the Pandemic Covid-19 will be addressed.

Quality Assurance Office, which was the organizer of this training, took care that all protocols and recommendations for the protection of health of staff and all other participants are respected.