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Excellent high school graduates choose SEEU

South East European University this year has attracted a significant number of high school graduates with excellent success and that is why it is decided that the SEEU scholarship offer to continue in the second enrolment call.

According to the data from Admissions Office, the number of excellent graduates applying for SEEU scholarship in the first enrolment call compared to last year is doubled, both in number and value and now has reached the number of 185 scholarship.

“Our university as one of the main development priorities has the quality and the offering of scholarships in the second enrolment call proves our commitment in this regard, therefore the deadline for applying for scholarships is extends until 30th September 2019, when the second enrolment call ends” note representatives of this Office.

Given the social responsibility i.e., contribution to the community and the impact that students of the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences give to society, this Faculty from the additional fund awards scholarships to excellent high school graduates. All those with an average from 4.00-4.99 benefit a scholarship that covers 60% of the tuition fee, while those graduating with a 5.00 grade point average receive a scholarship, which covers 75% of their tuition fee.

Current trends in student enrolment at SEEU have exceeded management forecasts, as the total number of students applying to enrol in the first year marks a significant increase compared to the same period last year.

South East European University, this year in order to ease the burden on parents, has also increased the number of instalments to pay tuition, where now in addition to 2 and 4 instalments, payment can be made in 12 instalments.