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Training on Enhancing SEEU Performance Standards

“Enhancing SEEU Performance Standards” was the overall theme of the South East European University Development Programme for Academic and Administrative staff, a programme which was led by the SEEU Quality Assurance Office.

In her opening remarks the Executive Adviser for Quality Assurance - Prof. Dr. Veronika Kareva - emphasized the importance of this session for academic and administrative staff, for it creates opportunities to analyze each quality assurance instrument and identify areas for improvement.

The Rector of South East European University, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, in his presentation on the progress of the University, gave a retrospective of the activities and steps that have been taken towards the progress and successful journey of this institution, in conditions when the Macedonian legal framework on education is quite complex.

“Our University has managed to maintain the position of leader in the region not only in the different way of treating students, but also in promoting novelties in teaching and in promoting scientific innovation and critical thinking among students. We are in an era of technology and we are always adjusting to these changes, always preparing graduates who will challenge the labour market,” said Dika.

The President of the SEEU Board, Prof. Dr. Denis Farrington, opened a discussion on the Draft Law on Higher Education, by giving an opportunity to the staff to present their views on certain provisions in order to provide a better legal framework for high quality education compared to European standards. In this part there were some ideas that can contribute to improving the text of this Law.

Other themes addressed were: “Improving Performance Based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI)”, “Marking the Difference: Successful Promotion”, “Boosting publication in the Web of Science”, “Enhancement of Learning and Teaching in HE”, “Improving Student Attendance: the Case of BE Faculty”, “Promoting Student-Centered Learning: how to achieve a more qualitative academic support to students”, “Improving the Quality of MA studies”, “– and “Promotion of two new offers: Cyber Crime and Bar exam preparation”.

In mixed groups the following topics were addressed: “Research profile” - moderator Prof. Dr. Nasir Selimi; “Student evaluation” – Prof. Dr. Jaumin Ajdari; “Student achievement” – Doc. Dr. Hyrije Abazi; “Digital profile” – Prof. Dr. Jusuf Zekiri; and “Teaching Observation” – Doc. Dr. Elena Spirovska, while the topic “Creating Quizzes on Google Classroom” was presented by Burim Ismaili.

The SEEU Secretary General-Dr. Xhevair Memedi, presented the topic: “Standards for Administrative services –Consideration of client/service satisfaction instruments”.

The Provost, Prof. Dr. Andrew Goodspeed, presented the topic “Academic Promotion and Research”.

“Enhancement of Learning and Teaching in HE” was presented by Prof. Dr. Lejla Abazi-Bexheti, while “Improving Student Attendance: the Case of BE Faculty” was presented Prof. Dr. Izet Zeqiri.

“Improving Performance Based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI)” was presented by the Pro-Rector for Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Besnik Fetai.

Rector’s Adviser Doc. Dr. Demush Bajrami presented future steps that lead towards ‘Marking the Difference: Successful Promotion’.

Group discussions about SEEU promotion were moderated by: Doc. Dr. Xhemal Zenuni, Prof. Dr. Arafat Shabani, Doc. Dr. Agron Rrustemi, Doc. Dr. Sadri Aliji and Doc. Dr. Blerton Sinani.

On the topic ‘Boosting publication in Web of Science’, sessions by disciplines(in Languages, Communication, Management, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Computer Sciences) were presented by Prof. Dr. Bujar Hoxha, Prof. Dr. Veland Ramadani and Prof. Dr. Gjoko Stamenkov.

Within faculties specific sessions some important topics were addressed. In the Faculty of Business and Economics the Dean Prof. Dr. Izet Zeqiri, Pro-Dean Doc. Dr. Sadri Aliji and Prof. Dr. Murat Sadiku presented the review of the discussion and recommendations from the Faculty QA Team meeting. The Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communications discussed ‘Improving the quality of MA studies’ which was moderated by the Dean Prof. Dr. Gëzim Xhaferi. In the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, Prof. Dr. Florije Shabani, presented the topic of ‘What can a computer science graduate do to improve his/her resume’.

In the Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences the topic ‘Promoting student-cantered learning: how to achieve a more qualitative academic support to students’was presented by the Dean, Prof. Dr. Memet Memeti and Pro-Dean Doc. Dr. Agron Rrustemi.

In the Faculty of Law, the Dean, Doc. Dr. Emine Zendeli and Doc. Dr. Arta Selmani, presented the topic ‘Promotion of two new offers: Cyber Crime and Bar Exam preparation’, while in the Language CentreMs. Emily Dawson presented the topic ‘Cooperative Learning’. In a special session the New Procurement Systemwas presented by Besnik Xheladini and Mentor Emini.

It is worth noting that SEEU has a serious approach to systematic quality assurance procedures. Most of these topics mentioned are of strategic and academic nature, but they are also related to the field of management and administration.