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Dika: SEEU is a unique and innovative higher educational model in line with international trends

The Rector of South East European University (SEEU), Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, was a guest on the "10 minutes" segment of the national television TV21, and there spoke about the study programs that the University offers. He said that SEEU is an educational institution that is heavily invested in coordinating between the international community, the local community and the aspirations of young people for qualitative studies. At SEEU, the academic offerings are standardized with the international experience of our international partners (from the USA and the EU) who established the University.

In addition to this close cooperation with our international partners, we have always monitored and adapted trends within the common European Higher Educational Area. We also closely observe the requirements of the international market in terms of the preparation of our students. Indeed, only two weeks ago the University Board (in which there are international members) adopted the Strategic Plan of South East European University for the period 2017-2020, an initiative which we have referred to as ‘SEEU 4.0,’ and which intends the technological development and personalization of instruction.

The previous Strategic Plan initiated the project of ‘SEEU 3.0,’ and was primarily focused on building knowledge and skills; ‘SEEU 4.0’ aims to integrate the technologies and methodologies of learning to build the competencies of our students in a personalized way. In this spirit, we announced the Call for Student Enrollment for the Academic Year 2017/18. In this call, unlike in those of other public universities that have followed the trend of ‘massification of knowledge,’ we continue to function with the five constituent Faculties which have formed the core of SEEU for 16 years: the Faculty of Business and Economics; the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies; the Faculty of Law; the Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences; and the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communications. All SEEU students also receive language instruction, in accordance with our policy of promoting and implementing the ‘multiple use of languages.’

“This year the Call has been opened for the first and the second cycles of studies," said Rector Dika. According to him, this year SEEU will be the only higher education institution in the region to apply the so-called "tutoring system" by which every student who is admitted to SEEU will have a tutor (professor) who will oversee and advise his or her academic and student career. Regarding the available scholarships, Rector Dika said that the University monitors the financial policy according to which each student with excellent success will not have financial barriers to enroll at the University.

“We have designed a merit-based scholarship system. Every student with a record of excellence, as evidenced by a cumulative G.P.A. of 5.00 in the secondary school, will receive University sponsorship for 50% of the tuition fee. For those students who have the strong cumulative secondary school G.P.A. of between 4.5 and 4.99, the scholarship will cover 30% of their tuition fees. This standard for scholarship support is valid for all students from Macedonia, Kosovo or the entire region," said Rector Dika.