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The Slovenian Ambassador's book ‘Bazat e Diplomacisë’ is promoted

On Thursday (6th July 2017), South East European University hosted a promotion for the latest university book translated into Albanian “Bazat e Diplomacisë” (Fundamentals of Diplomacy). The author is H.E. Prof. Dr. Milan Jazbec, the Ambassador of Slovenia in Macedonia. The promotion was attended by ambassadors, former ambassadors, professors and diplomatic scholars.

"Our University will always support and promote such initiatives, ideas and projects that have the ultimate goal of developing professional and scientific knowledge," said the Rector of South East European University, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, in his opening remarks.

“When for the first time I had the book “Bazat e Diplomacisë”, which we are promoting today, I said yes, this book should be available to all students, all researchers in Albanian. So it happened, and we are seeing the result today in this lecture hall and at this University. Diplomacy is a wide field and many authors have written, researched and contributed to the subject, but I think the book of Prof. Jazbec is an original scientific contribution to diplomacy, which fills and enriches our university libraries in this area," said Rector Dika.

The Pro-Rector for International Relations, and former ambassador, Prof. Dr. Blerim Reka, highlighted the importance of the book as a source of information and practice for the students of diplomacy, as well as for other scholars who have diplomacy as part of their research.

Prof. Dr. Ylber Sela stated his opinion that this book is very important in the field of diplomacy and said that the book has a clear methodology, is easy to understand and can serve as an important source for diplomacy studies.

Doc. Dr. Demush Bajrami, emphasized the cooperation that the Ambassador has with the University and the publication by SEEU of the Albanian version of his book “Bazat e Diplomacisë” is evidence of this.

The Author of the book, ambassador Prof. Dr. Milan Jazbec, said that he feels honored by this event organized by South East European University, without whose help perhaps this book would not have been published.

“I have tried to write the book not only as a textbook but also as a practical guide on how diplomacy should be established and organized”, said Prof. Jazbec.

The Albanian version of the book is published by the South East European University.