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Important information regarding the results of application for enrollment at SEEU

South East European University in the short period will announce results regarding the applications for registration in the academic year 2009-2010. Namely, on 3rd of September 2009 preliminary results of the admitted candidates will be announced and on 5th of September 2009 final results of the applicants will be announced. In meantime, the students’ enrollment (first semester registration of admitted students) could be realized on 7-11 September 2009.Information regarding English language placement testing (level of English language will be tested) that will be held on 9th of September 2009, at 11:00 o’clock will be announced on 7th of September 2009 together with the information of lists and classrooms.

  Regarding the scholarships , the preliminary list of  merit base scholarship  will be announced on 5th of September 2009, whereas two days later, on 07th of September 2009 the final list of this  scholarship program will be announced, and the list of scholarships according to financial need  will be announced on 25th of September 2009.