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Dr. Qatip Arifi, held a lecture at the University of Iowa


The title of the lecture was "Higher Education System in Macedonia - Current Trends in Language Assessment at SEE University".

The Lecture was organized and provided on April 1st at 16:30 by Dr. Arifi, who attends and audits classes related to languages and language assessment here at the University of Iowa. It was provided as part of regular classes with MA and Ph.D students of Linguistics at UI.

The event took place in the Lindquist Center at the University of Iowa, part of the University's Linguistic Department. The audience were generally graduate students pursuing their Master's and Ph.D in applied linguistics and language education, as well as linguistics professors.

The goals of the lecture were to introduce the higher education system in Macedonia, its development through past years and its effort to establish the Bologna Process.

Dr. Qatip Arifi, is a 2010 JFDP scholar at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA. He is a senior lecturer providing ESP courses to Computer Science Students at the South-East European University in Tetovo, Macedonia.