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Clarification Regarding Graduation Certificates

South East European University has, from the beginning of its operation until today, operated in accordance with the laws of higher education which have been in force at different times in our country. In the first year of operation (2001), the University operated according to the Law on Higher Education (LHE) No. 64/2000. This Law was in force until 2008 and, during the intervening time, it underwent three amendments and supplements. The first amendment to this Law, which occurred in 2003, is pertinent for undergraduate studies.

In 2008, the Parliament of RM brought the new Law on Higher Education No. 35/2008. With this Law, major changes were implemented in RM with the particular aim of transforming the higher education system. These intensive changes, intended to transform the system, were also reflected in the number of laws that supplemented or amended the basic Law; until 2016, there were a total of 21 Laws amending and supplementing the Law on Higher Education No. 35/2008.

The definition of undergraduate studies—as well as the matter of issuing graduation certificates as temporary documents to verify the completion of all the student's academic obligations for the first cycle of studies—may be found in Article 26 of the Law on Amendments and Supplements of LHE 49/2003 and Article 94 of LHE 35/2008, which defines the length of undergraduate studies and Article 116 paragraph 5 LHE 35/2008 which regulates the matter of issuing of certificates.

The above mention Articles are presented in the following document : CLARIFICATION DOCUMENT