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SEEU in the new academic year with a study program for students who want to become architects

Future students of South East European University, for the first time in the new academic year, will have the opportunity to choose to study Architecture and Design, and gain the qualification Master of Science in Architecture and Design.

This study program is offered at the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies and it is a five year program and the end of studies graduated students are qualified and able to provide functional and aesthetic solutions for architectural objects, with different functions, through the use of contemporary materials, furniture, colors and light, according to construction and design needs.

“This study program was designed and is offered to prospective students after a long study of market needs and graduate requirements for this professional profile. We have conducted surveys, analyzed the requirements and created the conditions both for the spatial capacities and teaching staff in order to provide the best for students”, says the Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies Prof. Dr. Adrian Besimi.

The Architecture and Design program has qualified academic staff from the country and abroad, architects and designers with a very active career, both in teaching and architectural projects.

“The university has modern work environments, as well as modern laboratories and equipment, which enable students to master the necessary skills for the profession, which they will practice in the future. In cooperation with local design bureaus, it will engage students in practical work in order to apply the knowledge gained from lectures and gain new practical experiences" says Dean Besimi.

Students who graduate in this field will have the opportunity to be employed in the private and public sector, including: architectural design studio, or construction companies, interior design studio, local government level, starting from municipalities and communes up to the county or regions, local and foreign scientific research institutions, which have as their main focus the field of architecture, construction and design. Graduates can also be employed as teachers in institutions and technical schools of architecture, construction and design.

South East European University has published the Call for student enrollment in the new academic year, where in the first cycle it offers 20 study programs, in the second cycle 27 study programs and 11 study programs in the third cycle of studies. According to the Call for student enrollment, in three study cycles, in five faculties (Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication, Faculty of Business and Economics, and Faculty of Law), about 1300 students are expected to enroll in the SEEU Campus in Tetovo and the SEEU branch in Skopje.