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Veton Iljazi is Re-Elected President of SEEU Student Parliament and Association

In addition to the President, student parliamentarians also elected Emir Kurtishi -- Vice-President, and Donika Luma--Secretary for Financial and Administrative Issues.

SEEU students, in the elections held on 7 November for undergraduate students and 11 November for master students, elected 15 new members to the Student Parliament and Association.

Students had the right to vote for candidates in their year and in their respective faculty. Given the fact that some study years and Faculties of the University did not have open slots, the turnout of 330 students proves the great interest of students in these elections.

The mandate of the student parliamentarians is two years. In the second year of the mandate there are currently 14 members and--together with the 15 newly elected student parliamentarians-- the Student Parliament and Association has 29 members in total.

According to the data of the Election Commission, 28 candidates applied for the 15 vacant positions.

In the first Parliamentary meeting, the new and returning student parliamentarians, with secret balloting, re-elected Veton Iljazi to serve as the President of the Student Parliament and Association; Emir Kurtishi to serve as the Vice-President; and Donika Luma to serve as the Secretary for Financial and Administrative Issues.

The Main mission of the SPA is to improve student life, to provide equal opportunities for representation, and to promote development and quality services for all students.