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SEEU Brings Quality and Scientific Innovation to the Labour Market

On Friday (May 12th 2017), South East European University (SEEU) announced the Call for Student Enrolment in the two study cycles for the academic year 2017/18.

The offer of study programmes is designed to balance the knowledge, skills and competences needed for the new labour market in a manner consistent with the most advanced practices of the European Higher Education Area.

According to the Rector of SEEU, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, the University will compete with innovative and unique initiatives in this coming academic year, clearly presenting the competitive advantages of SEEU in comparison to others.

“Our five Faculties--Business and Economics; Contemporary Sciences and Technology; Public Administration and Political Science; Law; and Languages, Cultures and Communications--offer 14 undergraduate study programmes, 23 master programmes according to models 3+2 and 4+1, and 3 specialist study programmes at the master level, integrated with practice, in all of which in total will be enrolled 1100 students”, said Rector Dika.

The primary innovation of the next academic year, according to Rector Dika, is the establishment of the tutoring system for each student who will enrol in the university. Each student will have the support of a tutor, who will help the student to achieve his or her academic and personal expectations, by advising them and preparing them for the upcoming career. Also, SEEU will continue with the 'personalization of pedagogies' initiative, where the contents of all courses nowadays are uploaded on the Google Classroom platform. It is important, Rector Dika observed, to integrate practical teaching, which is made possible through professionals in the field of clinical teaching, along with case studies and simulation models. This effort is made possible by collaboration of the Career Centre, the Technological Park and the Business Development Centre, by offering more quality in order to face the real labour market.

“In this academic year, at least one course will be organized at each faculty to be taught by international professors in order to follow the traditions and experiences of international partner universities. SEEU is increasingly proving itself as international university due to the fact that every student is obliged to follow English language courses offered by the SEEU Language Centre--where 22 expert lecturers are engaged--as well as is encouraged to participate in student mobility, by which our students gain the right to stay at various European universities”, said Rector Dika.

Importantly, according to the Rector, there are study programmes that are offered in cooperation with the University of London – London School of Economics, as in Economics and Business. In addition, with the help of the German government and their experience in professional integrated programmes, companies will provide scholarships for three master programmes: Professional Management with Logistics and Supply Chain; Professional Sales Management and Cybercrime; and the joint programme with the University of Ljubljana in European Studies. According to Rector Dika, this year's Call for student enrolment will be integrated with the two study cycles and with a clear dedication towards quality and progress into doctoral study.