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An international conference on violent extremism in the Western Balkans was organized at the SEEU by the Max van der Stoel Institute and Columbia University (USA)

The SEEU’s Institute Max van der Stoel organized an international conference on “Violent extremism in the Western Balkans: External influences and local drivers” on February 22nd at the SEE University’s campus in Skopje.

The conference gathered many scholars from Macedonia, other Balkan countries and the USA, and as well as it drew a significant attention by a larger number of western diplomats present in the room.

The conference of Max van der Stoel Institute was co-organized with the Columbia University, Program on Peace-building and Human Rights(USA) and in cooperation with some other regional organizations and centers.

The work of the conferences was organized along two panels: “Local Drivers of Violent Extremism: Role of the Educational Sector” and “External Influences to Radicalization in the Western Balkans”.

The both panels of the conference included distinguished speakers, university professors from the universities in the region and Columbia University, diplomats, experts of the field and journalists.

Between the two panels, the US Ambassador in Skopje HE Jess L. Baily hosted a cocktail for the scholars and talked to the participants of the conference.