COVID-19 Information and Protocol

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SEEU will start the new academic year with a hybrid teaching system

Students of the South East European University in the new academic year 2020-21, will attend classes on campus and online. Teaching will be with according to hybrid system, where 1/4 of teaching will be online for all students both within the country and those living outside North Macedonia. The rest or ¾ of the teaching and learning process will take place with physical presence.

Rector of the South East European University, Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti, emphasizes that the campus meets all the criteria for starting teaching in pandemic conditions, but also additionally it has been worked to create optimal teaching and learning conditions with the physical presence of students.

"Teaching hours and academic engagement will be in hybrid format, which means physical presence on both campuses, in Tetovo and Skopje, according to health protocols and the possibility of shortening classes and covering them through online teaching”, says Rector Bexheti.

The novelty for the new academic year is the improvement of technological equipment, the readiness to offer each course according to the hybrid system, through our electronic system for teaching management, the continuous commitment of the staff to adapt to the teaching material and the provision of quality online teaching.

Teaching facilities and the entire campuses in Tetovo and Skopje in general are organized and marked in accordance with the measures and recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the RNM for physical presence.

“Now everyone knows the SEEU Campus in Tetovo, knows its size and recognizes our commitment to serving students. For us, first and foremost is the health of students and staff. We have taken care that no one endangers their health and at the same time receives the highest quality service either academic or administrative”, notes Rector Bexheti.

“Students who, due to the conditions of the Pandemic COVID-19, will not be able physically to participate in the lectures, will be able to attend the lecture directly and online through the platform of the electronic system for teaching management and will have access also in all teaching materials in electronic form. Many new forms of evaluation have been created, giving importance to interaction throughout this process”, says the Pro-rector for Academic Planning and Digitalization, Prof. Dr. Vlladimir Radevski.

Academic and administrative staff at work apply all health protocols approved by the University authorities in accordance with the recommendations of the state health authorities and the Ministry of Education and Science of the RNM.