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“Reading and young people”

World Book Day

The activity “Reading and young people” will be on 24.04.2019 (Wednesday) at 12:00h in the Library's premises at SEEU.

Participants will be:
1. Donika Bakiu, MA--Albanoligist (author of the study): “How much young people read today”
2. Elmedina Abdulahi, MA - (author of the study): “Library as a mirror of society”
3. Njomza Imeri Ismaili- Director of the Library “Koço Racin”, Tetovo
4. Doc. Dr. Meral Veseli - professor of Albanian language at SEEU

After the presentations of Donika Bakiu and Elemedina Abdulahi there will be a debate with the attendees and several books will be given for the most regular students at the SEEU Library and the City library.