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CALL - For expression of interest for Dean of the of Faculty of Business and Economics

In accordance with the Article 54, 63 and 65 of the Law for higher education (Official gazette of R. Macedonia no.35/08, 103/08, 26/09, 83/09, 99/09, 115/10, 17/11, 123/12, 15/13, 24/13, 41/14, 116/14, 130/14, 10/15, 20/15, 98/15, 145/15, 154/15 and 30/16) as well as Article 37 of the University Statute, the University announces the following:

Job purpose: To lead and inspire the Faculty in academic and research issues and to provide effective management of Faculty policies, processes and procedures; and to represent the Faculty and University to secure and maintain its success and good reputation.

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