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The SEEUTechPark Start-Up Marathon is intended to support the growth of young entrepreneurs and their future enterprises through exchange of experiences, counseling, support and investment.

The Start-Up Marathon is a project that is intended for future young entrepreneurs - owners of micro and small businesses in order to allow access to new knowledge, expertise and tools for success in the business.

Who can apply?

Entrepreneurs / Entrepreneurial teams of young students with innovative business idea that:

  • Aim to start their own business
  • Desire and openness to new knowledge and ideas
  • Capable and ambitious entrepreneurial team
  • Willingness to participate actively in the program
  • Opening a minimum of 2 jobs position

What is included in the program

I. Training's to acquire new skills in business
Six (6), a five-hour afternoon training, the maximum period of two months. The training's will be organized every few days, starting generally from 15:00 until 20:00. The training's are practical and are based on the exchange of experiences, knowledge and ideas between participants and guest speakers (successful entrepreneurs and managers) through open discussions, learning through success and mistakes of others.


  1. Team building and entrepreneurial leadership - You get to know the other participants in the program, to learn to be better leaders and to answer key questions that every entrepreneur should have an answer.
  2. Business Planning and Budgeting - To use a business plan and budget as a useful management tools.
  3. Finance for Entrepreneurs - Better understanding and better use of funds, improved financial operations in the company and increase its value.
  4. Financing the development of your company - To familiarize yourself with the various sources of financing and providing capital for growth and development.
  5. Effective and repeatable sales and export - To improve sales techniques, learn how to repeat sales with existing customers and to get to know different export strategies.
  6. Effective marketing approach - Better to learn the market, how to use marketing effectively to familiarize people with your product and motivate them to buy.

Each young entrepreneur involved in the program will have the opportunity to meet with business professional. Professionals and participants are selected on the initial application to their business challenges and fields of interest. At the end of the process each participant will receive a certificate for successfully completing the program.

When and where:

1st March, 2016 until 15 Aprill, 2016
Approx. 2-3 days per week, 3.5 hours per day
Conference Room of BDC, Rectorate, SEEU Campus

Be part of this Marathon by applying on the link below:

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us:
SEEUTechPark, SEEU Campus building nr. 700
+389 44 356 165
+389 44 356 167