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AI: The Last Human Predicament?


Date: December, 24, 12.00-13.30, BDC Conference Hall, SEEU Tetovo

Title of the talk: "AI: The Last Human Predicament?"

Presenter: Dr. Mentar Mahmudi


Recent increases in distributed computational power and the availability of large amounts of annotated data has lead to several breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, in particular, in deep learning. In this talk, first we will take a retrospective look at the rise of biological intelligence through evolution, and then in the context of accelerating technological advances discuss the possibility of the rise of artificial intelligence. Recent advances in solving wide ranging problems from solving board and computer games to medical developments and rapid advances in autonomous mobile system (self-driving cars) have strongly suggested that AI will alter our common future in substantial ways. We will walk through some of these advances, and examine several potential future scenarios and its implications to our economical and societal systems


Mentar Mahmudi is an AI researcher at Audi AG working on autonomous driving. Prior to joining Audi, he did postdoctoral research at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland on humanoid motion planning. He obtained a PhD from University of California, Merced in USA and a BSc from Jacobs University in Germany. He is an author of various scientific publications on robotics and AI.