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University Board

For the purposes of the law, the University Board is the management organ of the University.

University Board has the following responsibilities:

  • framing the overall educational character and mission of the University including research, scholarship and teaching on the proposal of the Rector or Senate or otherwise having consulted with the Rector and Senate and overseeing its continuing activities;
  • approving procedures for the appointment, assignment, grading, appraisal, suspension, dismissal and determination of the pay and conditions of service of members of staff and, according to the provisions of this Statute, approving senior appointments;
  • the consideration and, as appropriate, approval of the annual estimates of income and expenditure and accounts of the University prepared by or on behalf of the Rector in a form approved by the University Board in accordance with law;
  • putting in place measures to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the University and the safeguarding of its assets including a risk management strategy.
  • making plans for securing adequate resources from both public and private sources; including the establishment within the law of subsidiary companies to exploit commercially the academic work of the University;
  • supervising the maintenance of accurate records of the income and expenditure of the University;
  • approving a scheme for delegation of authority over resources and other administrative matters to the Faculties and other units of the University;
  • arranging for financial audit as hereinafter provided for; and it shall be the duty of the University Board.

Members of University Board


Dennis Farrington PhD was educated in England and Northern Ireland and has worked in higher education for over 30 years, previously in the UK civil service. He has been a consultant in education reform to the Council of Europe and other international bodies in 12 countries since 1994, including Albania and Kosovo, currently advising in Armenia and Ukraine, and is the author of five textbooks on higher education law. Dennis became one of the members of the SEEU International Foundation in 2000, and has worked in different capacities for SEEU since 2002. He was elected President of the University Board and Foundation in 2008 and Associate Professor in the Law Faculty in 2011. He is a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, University of Oxford, and a member of the UK-US HE Law Round Table.


Dr. Veton Latifi- is an full professor of international relations and political sciences at the South East European University (SEEU). He is a chair of the Max van der Stoel Institute. Professor Latifi is an author of eleven books in the field of the political sciences and international relations including his latest: “The new century of the Albanian politics” (2014); and “NATO and the EU: New Relations in Crisis Management” (2012). Prof. Latifi has been a lecturer at several universities in Europe and the USA. He holds a PhD degree in Political Sciences and a MA in International Relations. Since 2003 he joined the SEEU. Dr. Veton Latifi is a member of several global professional networks and academic associations based in several universities in the USA. Since 2013 he is a member of board of the European Network for Cooperation in the field of the Science and Technology within the initiative IS1202 ISCH “Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health“. Among others, he was awarded with the Prize “The best Scientist of the year” for 2007 by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Before joining to the SEEU, Veton Latifi has been worked with the London based Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in the management activities of the IWPR office and as an author for the Balkan Crisis Report. Professor Latifi was elected Vice President of the SEE University Board and Foundation in June 2016.

Pavel ZGAGA, PhD

Pavel Zgaga PhD is Professor of Philosophy of Education and Education Policy at the University of Ljubljana where he started his academic career in 1977. In the 1990s, during the period of social and political transition in Slovenia, he was State Secretary for Higher Education and Minister of Education and Sport. After his return to academe in 2000, he co-founded the Centre for Educational Policy Studies (CEPS) at the University of Ljubljana and has been its director until today. He also served as a Dean of Education Faculty. He has held several research grants and directed national and international projects on education policy. These projects have been mainly concerned with development of higher education in the contemporary European context. He was also engaged in the Bologna Process and has been co-operating with several international organisations, e.g. the European Commission, the Council of Europe, UNESCO, OECD, World Bank, etc. In 2006, he received the Slovenian national prize for research in education and in 2007 a honorary doctorate from University of Umeå, Sweden. Pavel is an external member of the SEEU University Board since 2008.

Veronika KAREVA, PhD

Veronika Kareva, PhD, received her MSc in English Language Teaching from Indiana University, School of Education and her PhD from SEEU. Having been recruited by the Center for Foreign Languages in Skopje immediately after completing BA studies with majors in translation and teaching, she started her career both as a teacher and a translator. Veronika joined the SEEU at its establishment as Lector at the Language Center and for 2 years also worked as the Head of the Instructional Support Center. She is an author of many scholarly articles related to English Language Teaching and served as a member of the team for reforms in this field in primary education at the Bureau for Educational Development of RM. In 2009 she was appointed as the Director of the Language Center and continues to be actively involved in teaching at the Center and at the Faculty of Languages. Veronika has been appointed a Board member in 2012.

Mr. Gazmend KADRIU

Mr. Kadriu serves in the capacity of CEO and Board Member of Union Bank since the beginning of building the bank in 2005. Mr. Kadriu has a comprehensive and wide-spread experience as a banker, bank regulator and auditor in three countries in the region (Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania), as well as a broad consulting expertise in a few other transitional countries (Bosnia, Turkey, Armenia). Mr. Kadriu holds a degree in Economics from the University St. Ciril and Metodius – Skopje. His experience includes five years in Supervision Department of the National Bank of Macedonia, 1993 – 1998, from which the last two as Head of the Department, then as Audit Manager in Ernst & Young, Skopje from 2001 to 2004. He continued his career as the CEO and Board Member of the New Bank of Kosovo. Mr. Kadriu has been a member of the Board of Directors and Risk Management Committee of Tutunska Banka a.d. Skopje during December 2000 - June 2006 and Board of Trustee Member and Vice-Chairman of Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation during December 1998 - March 2006. He has been a Board member since 2008.

Abdylmenaf BEXHETI, PhD

Mr. Bexheti has been with the University since 2001. First as part of the academic staff of the University then as a dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, and from 2004 till 2012 as Pro-rector. He completed his tertiary education in Prishtina, Faculty of Economics and MA and PhD studies at Skopje University, Faculty of Economics. In his career he has been doing various expert and public duties. Some of the more important are Vice-d irector of the Internal revenues directorate, Director of the Public revenues directorate and Minister for development of RM. In 2012 he was elected as a full member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Throughout his career he has served as a member in the Boards and advisor of several institutions and companies. Currently he is a professor of Finance at the University being active in research in the field of finance and also engaged actively in consultancy services to businesses in the country and abroad.


Mr. Agon Demjaha has graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Kosovo, continuing his master degree in Central European University in Budapest and PhD in Faculty of law In Skopje. In his professional career he has been engaged in various positions starting as a teaching assistant at Prishtina University and then as director with Open Society Foundation NGO `Centre for Development of Civil Society` in Kosovo. From April 2006 he was the Macedonian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden. Currently Mr Demjaha is the Regional Advisor to the Ministry for Energy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kosovo. Mr. Demjaha also participated in different trainings and international conferences. He is also active in research in Comparative Politics and International Political Economy and he is author of several university and scientific books. Agon Demjaha has been appointed a Board member off SEEU in 2012.


She is Head of the Department - Structural analysis at Civil Engineering Faculty, “Ss.Cyril and Methodius” University, Skopje Macedonia. Vice-Dean for education and science (2001-2007), Vice-Rector for education (2008-2012), Head of PhD School Board (2009-2012), Regional Coordinator of South-Eastern European Centre for Doctoral Studies-SEEFORM (since 2004), External expert in the work of Agency for Evaluation of High Education in Republic of Macedonia (2003-2004), Member of Macedonian Bologna Follow-up Group (2004-2005), Member of Macedonian Team of Bologna Promoters (2008-2012), Member of pull of expert of Institutional Evaluation Program of EUA (2012-2014). Working on above mentioned positions she had opportunity to be involved in defining and executing Faculty/University Educational and Research Policy, participating in the National Bodies for implementation of Bologna Process, introduction of European Standards in Higher Education and Research Activities at Faculty/University level in Macedonia, participating in the accreditation procedure of Higher Education Study Programs. Her research interest is the field of Structural Analysis and Earthquake Engineering.


Mathew Palakal Ph.D. completed all his college education in Montreal, Canada. He is currently the Executive Associate Dean and Professor of Informatics at the Indiana University School of Informatics & Computing, Indianapolis, USA. Before that, he was the Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer and Information Science in the Purdue University School of Science at Indiana University-Purdue University, USA. He has more than 30 years of research and teaching experience, and he received and managed numerous research and teaching related projects. Mathew was involved with SEEU since its inception in 2000, worked on the academic program implementation, and later on serving as the external program reviewer for the CST Faculty.