South East European University
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Rector speech

Welcome to the South East European University,  

We have named this stage of the development of the university as “SEEU 2.0”. In essence, the symbolism of this nomination contains our open invitation for you as future students so that you may join us in our path in the creation of our institution of knowledge and contemporary values worthy for a third generation university. The symbol “2.0” was created as a symbiosis of a direct, interactive, dynamic and participative collaboration in your academic and professional profiling. Therefore, welcome to your “personalized” university. 
For ten years, we have been working with diligence in order to create a special offer in higher education in the region.  With the support of our founders- States of the big European family and the USA, followed by an intensive exchange of the  best international experiences and practices on higher education, we have created the infrastructure that is necessary to compare with prestigious universities where the student and the contribution in the progress of the society is in first place.
During these ten years we achieved: 
  • to build a university campus according to the highest international standards that aims to become the first eco-campus in this part of Europe; 
  • to develop the most sophisticated systems of information in order to adapt the teaching methodologies with the profile of the student;
  • to design study programs according to results that could be measured in the sense of the gained knowledge and identified competencies in the real labor market; 
  • to establish a staff dedicated to achieve excellence; 
  • to set a management where quality has been transformed in an institutional culture.
These are some of the achievements noticed by international evaluations, but also by our graduated students and their employees. Your university has been specified as a model of an institution of higher education in the region and wider. The road that leads towards knowledge and concurrent competencies in this global world is difficult, but this proven architectural environment where you are co-builders, is the guarantee of success. 
Good luck,