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How to apply?

South East European University follows an open admission policy. Open admission means that University is committed to admit all candidates who are qualified to be included in academic programs.

Study Programmes

Study Programmes in English

Admission Requirements


Complete the On-line application, submit the application documents (Undergraduate Studies, Master Studies, Doctoral Studies) to Student Services on the University Campus in Tetovo or Skopje, or by post, to the following addresses: 

South East European University,
Bul. Ilindenska, Nr. 335,
1200 Tetovo, Macedonia

South East European University,
Str.Arhiepiskop Angelarij, n.01,
1000 Skopje, R.Macedonia 


We assists you during the overall application process, notify you for the application results and guide you for the beginning of the academic year.

Admission Office is open every working day from 8:00 - 16:00.
Phone: +389 44 356 188; +389 44 356 091;
Skopje: Phone: +389 44 356 396; +389 44 356 397;