South East European University
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List of publications

  1.  Abdulla Azizi- ” European Union – law, institutions and policy”
  2.  Abdylmenaf Bexheti- “ Public finances”
  3. Adnan Jashari – “The judicial treatment of direct foreign investments in the countries in transition“
  4. Agim Poshka- “Evaluating the Cultural element in the foreign language Methodology” 
  5.  Agni Dika- “Algorithms”
  6.  Agni Dika-“Algoritmi “ (text book in Albanian language)
  7.  Ali Pajaziti, Mentor Hamiti, Asllan Bilalli, Ymer Ismaili – “Ethics and the information technology” (in English)
  8.  Ali Pajaziti - “Dictionary of sociology” (in Albanian)
  9.  Andreevska Elena – “International law and human rights”  (in English)
  10.  Artan Luma, Nderim Zeqiri – “Tools for WEB-design: Adobe Photoshop CS3 dhe Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.0 " (in Albanian)
  11.  Artan Luma, Nderim Zeqiri - Tools for WEB-design: Adobe Photoshop(in Albanian)
  12.  Asllan Bilalli -  “Iinternational private law”  (in Albanian)
  13.  Bekim Fetaji-  “IT management and Strategy” (in English)
  14.  Bekim Fetaji – “Practicum: IT management and strategy: Case Studies” (in English)
  15.  Besnik Fetai – “Optimal strategy of monetary and fiscal policy in function of maintaining macroeconomic stability in the R M”  (in English)
  16.  Blerim Reka, Arta Ibrahimi- “European studies”  (in Albanian)
  17.  Blerim Reka, Arta Ibrahimi- “European studies”  (in Macedonian)
  18.  Blerim Reka, Ylber Sela – “Introduction to European Union Law”  (in Albanian) - SEEU 2007
  19.  Blerim Reka, Ylber Sela – “Introduction to European Union Law”  (in Albanian) - SEEU 2011
  20.  Brikena Xhaferi and Gëzim Xhaferi – “Vocabulary learning strategies used by students at SEEU in terms of gender and teachers’ attitudes toward teaching vocabulary”  Research project (in English)
  21. Symposium Papers and proceedings-  “Buzuk and early writings”
  22.  Dimova Elizabeta – “Economy, evidence and ethics” (in Macedonian)
  23. Elena Andreevska-  “Essentials of international public law” (in Macedonian)
  24. Etem Aziri, Nazmi Maliqi, Ali Pajaziti- “Republic of Macedonia and Euro-Atlantic integrations”  (in Albanian)
  25.  Etem Aziri – “Sociology of political parties” (in Albanian)
  26. Florim Ajdini, Zeqir Kadriu, Etem Aziri- “Integrated bilingualism in the public administration on the local level”  Research project (in Albanian)
  27. Symposium Papers and proceedings –“ Gjergj Fishta – great personality of our literature”  – (in Albanian)
  28. Group of authors- “People centred analyses report”  (in Albanian, Macedonian and English)
  29.  Group of authors – “Compilation of normative acts for the governance and the studies regime” (in Albanian)
  30.  Hamit Xhaferi, Mustafa Ibrahimi- “Etholinguistic, folkloric and sociolinguistic about the Albanian culture in Macedonia” - Research project (in Albanian)
  31.  Hasan Jashari, Jonuz Abdullai, Zllatko Zhoglev – “Students and global, political and religious movements” - Research project (in Albanian)
  32.  Hasan Jashari. “Family and the community” Familja dhe bashkësia (in Albanian)
  33.  Hasan Jashari. “Sociology of education” Sociologjia  e arsimit
  34. Ismail Mehmeti. “Idiomatic expressions with verbal components of English language in the literature translation into Albanian (in Albanian)
  35.  Ismail Zejneli “Minor delinquency in Republic of Macedonia” (in Albanian)
  36. Ismail Zejneli, Jeton Shazivari. “Albanian-Macedonian Legal Dictionary with explanations”  (in Albanian/ Macedonian)
  37.  Ismail Zendeli, Bistra Netkova. “Trafficking in Human Beings - Legal Aspects” (in English)
  38.  Ismail Zendeli, Bistra Netkova. “Trafficking in human beings- Legal aspects” - Research project (in English, Albanian and Macedonian editions)
  39.  Izet Zeqiri, Brikend Aziri, Jeton Mazllami. “Work satisfaction as factor for the success of the business subjects in the Polog region” (in Albanian)
  40.  Jonuz Abdullai. “Social changes and the transition” (in Albanian)
  41.  Kurtesh Saliu, “The constitution of Republic of Macedonia” (in Albanian and Macedonian)
  42.  Majlinda Fetaji. Introduction to programming and databases (in English)
  43.  Majlinda Fetaji. Practicum: Introduction to programming and Databases (in English)
  44.  Miroljub Shukarov, Nasir Selimi, Jeton Mazllami, Jusuf Zeqiri. “Sukuk – interest – free (muslim) bonds and their possible application in RM” Research project (in English)
  45.  Mirolub Shukarov, Abdulmenaf Bexheti. “Tetovo - Economic status and development” (in English, Albanian and Macedonian editions)
  46.  Murtezan Ismaili. “Society and management of the environmental protection”(in Albanian)
  47.  Nasir Selimi. “International business” (in Albanian)
  48.  Nasir Selimi. “Introduction to economy” (in Albanian)
  49.  Nasir Selmani. “Economic globalization” (in Albanian)
  50.  Netkova Bistra. “Human rights and domestic violence with emphasis on republic of Macedonia” - Research project (in English)
  51.  Nexhbi Veseli. “The role of direct marketing in the development of small and medium enterprises – with emphasis in the Pollog region” (in Albanian)
  52.  “Euro-Atlantic integrations and the Republic of Macedonia” - Research project (in Albanian and Macedonian)
  53.  Rolfs Dubs. “Lecture: essentials and practical guidelines” (in Albanian and Macedonian)
  54.  Rufi Osmani, Fitim Deari. “Effects of taxation reforms in the performance (activities and capital structure) of SME in the municipality of Tetovo and Gostivar” (in Albanian)
  55.  Shenaj Haxhimustafa. “Role of the institutions for Economic Development of Countries with emphasis in RM” - Research project (in Albanian and Macedonian editions)
  56.  “Rule of law and reforms in public administration: the case of Macedonia” – (Research project)
  57.  Tahir Zajazi. “Methodology” (in Albanian)
  58.  Tahir Zajazi. "Continual perfection of alumni of the faculty University"(in Albanian)
  59.  Tomovski Serafim. “International accountable standards” (in Macedonian)
  60.  Tomovski Serafim. “Essentials and principles of accounting” (in Macedonian)
  61.  Vlado Kambovski, Zoran Sulejmanov, Vesel Latifi. “Organized crime” (in Albanian)
  62.  Zeqir Kadriu, Ejup Ajdini, Vebi Bexheti. “Academic writing” (in Albanian)