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Universiteti i Evropës Juglindore
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Elona Dika

Student postdiplomik në Linnaeus University, Suedi
I got my bachelor degree in Business Informatics from the SEEU. The reasons why I chose the South East European University were its reputation, substantial facilities, accessibility etc.

I enjoyed the program and the range of subjects very much due to the great lectures, tutorials, laboratories and excellent teaching staff, but more for the variety of the well-designed syllabus which helped me plan my career to something new for the market, effective and gain team communication skills. My program involved the portal development, multimedia technologies and projects, IT applications for new businesses, data bases, string value network, e-commerce, interactive marketing, Customer Relations Management (CRM), business convergence and virtual business, corporative finances and accounting.

The best part of my bachelor program was the interaction with my tutors; all of them where highly qualified and extremely helpful – I feel very privileged for the opportunity to work with them.

Now I am pursuing a Master at the Linnaeus University (Växjö) with the study program Social Media and Web Technologies, School of Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics.

Elona Dika graduated Business Informatics at SEEU.