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What are Integrated Studies

Dear prospective students,
Today the employment market in the Republic of Macedonia shows a growing demand for highly-skilled staff, particularly those trained in close connection with practice. To meet these needs, South East European University accredited dual study programmes.
  • Contemporary Bank Management
  • Contemporary Enterprise Management
  • Applied Informatics for IT Companies
Students are chosen by Partner Companies/Banks in cooperation with South East European University. 
  • Students need to have the general qualification for University entrance according to Macedonian Laws and University enrolments conditions;
  • A training contract with practice place in a Company or Bank;
  • Very good English (Level 3 or 4) knowledge.
These integrated study programs will be taught in English language.
  • 50% of the studies will be academic lectures at South East European University;
  • 50% practice within companies or banks.
The employment rate of students in integrated study programmes are 100%. From the first day of your studies you are part of the companies or banks. After graduation, students will be employed by the company or bank.
These essential characteristics of this Integrated Study Program are the combination of specific scientific knowledge and practical internships:
  • South East European University provides the science related academic education, and
  • Companies/Banks provide the work related practical training-on-the-job.
The Integrated Study Programmes is offered for the first time in the Republic of Macedonia by the South East European University.
All study programmes are available in the South East European University campus in Tetovo.