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Selma Kurtishi - Kastrati

Faculty : Business and Economics
Position : Associate/Collaborator
Engagement type : Full time
Personal data
E-mail :
Address : Ilindenska nn, Tetovo 1200, Macedonia
Telephone : 00 389 44 356 075
Fax : 00 389 44 356 001
Languages ( Self-evaluated )
C2 - Proficient
C1 - Advanced
B2 - Upper Intermediate
B1 - Intermediate
B1 - Intermediate


  • Jul 2007 - Feb 2013: Doctor of Economic Sciences
    Faculty: Faculty of Business and Economics
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Specialty: Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Development, Economic Growth, International Trade,
    Thesis: "The impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Economic Development of Macedonia"

  • Jan 2003 - May 2004: Master of Arts in International Business
    Faculty: Business Faculty
    Webster University, London Campus, United Kingdom
    Thesis: "Positive signs encouraging FDI in Macedonia"

  • Sep 1999 - Jan 2003: Bachelor of Arts in Business and Interantional Management
    Faculty: Faculty of Business
    Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom
    Thesis: "Managing Cultural Differences Internationally"

  • Jan 1999 - Aug 1999: Foundation Diploma in Business Studies
    Abacus College, Oxford, United Kingdom


  • Selma Kurtishi-Kastrati. The economic impact of Foreign Direct Investments in Macedonia. In Proceedings of 20th International Business Research Conference. World Business Institute, Australia, 4 / 2013. ISBN 978-1-922069-22-1. (Download)

  • Selma Kurtishi-Kastrati. Impact of FDI on Economic Growth: An Overview of the Main Theories of FDI and Empirical Research . In EUROPEAN SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL. European Scientific Journal, 3 / 2013. ISBN 1857-7881. (Download)

  • Gadaf Rexhepi, Selma Kurtishi, Gjilnaipe Bexheti. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Innovation – The drivers of business growth?. In 2nd International Conference on Technology and Innovation Management, pp. 532-541. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Istanbul, 10 / 2012. (Download)

  • Selma Kurtishi. Main Theories of FDI and Review of Literature. In 11th European Doctoral Seminar. 10 / 2011.

  • Gadaf Rexhepi, Selma Kurtishi, Gjilnaipe Bexheti . The importance of Innovation in Corporate Social Responsibilities. In Academic Collaboration & Research Network Austria, pp. 26. 9 / 2011. (Download)

  • Selma Kurtishi. Cost and Benefits of FDI for Host Economies. In Seventh European Doctoral Seminar - Transformation in the Light of Theory and Globalization, pp. 3-17. Bamberg Economic Research Group, Bamberg, Germany, 2008. ISBN 978-3-931052-66-9.

  • Selma Kurtishi, Shqipe Gerguri. Is FDI Good or Bad?. In Universum Journal - Institute for Research and Consulting Vol.1. Universum University, Pristina, Kosove, 11 / 2007.

  • Selma Kurtishi. Foreign Direct Investment in South East European Countries - Prospects and Challenges. In Sixth European Doctoral Seminar- Economic Structures and Institutions, pp. 180-191. Bamberg Economic Research Group, Bmberg, Germany, 2007. ISBN 978-3-931052-61-4.

Work Experience

  • Sep 2004 - Present : Assistant Lecurer
    South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research
    Main responsibilities: I have had excellent opportunities to teach a variety of courses, development of faculty curriculum, evaluation of students and instructing students on an individual basis as a tutor in our university.

  • Sep 2004 - Jul 2005: Lecturer
    Euro College , Kumanovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research
    Main responsibilities: Design lessons and instructions in the subjects of Marketing and Recruitment and Selection. Adapt and create learning materials to meet the needs of diverse student competencies