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Blerim Reka

Faculty : Law
Position : Full Professor
Engagement type : Part time
Personal data
E-mail :
Address : Petar Mangjukov 44- a Skopje
Telephone : +389 44 356 284
Fax : +389 44 356 111
Mobile : +389 75 868 897


  • Sep 2000 - Oct 2002: Doctor of International Law (DJ)
    Faculty: School of Law
    University of Prishtina/ University of Graz, Prishtina/Graz
    Specialty: International Law
    Thesis: "Legal system in post-was Kosova under the administration of United Nations Mission Interim in Kososovo 1999-2001; Powers and Limits"

  • Sep 1992 - Jul 1994: Master of legal sciences (MLL)
    Faculty: Law
    University of Prishtina, Prishtina
    Specialty: Civil and Economic Law
    Thesis: "Unafair Competition and Monopoly as the violation of Free Movement of Goods and Services in the Common Market"

  • Sep 1978 - Sep 1982: University Diploma
    Faculty: Law
    University of Prishtina, Prishtina


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  • Blerim Reka. The Geopolitics and Techniques of EU Enlargement. Aspect, Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 2010. ISBN 9789081568708.

  • Blerim Reka, Otmar Holl, Ylber Sela. Institutions and Policies of EU. Universitas, Tetovo, Macedonia, 2010. ISBN 9786084541011.

  • B. Reka with Group of Authors. The Yougoslav Contraversies. Perdue University Press & U.S. Institute for Peace, USA, 2009.

  • Blerim Reka. EU Constitution: the Rubicon of Supranational. Logos A, Shkup- Tirana- Prishtina, 2007.

  • Blerim Reka- Ylber Sela. Introduction to EU Law- First Edition. SEEU Press, Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia, 2007.

  • B. Reka with group of Authors. Die Albanier in der Republik Makedonien. Wiener Oste Europe Studien, Wien- Berlin, 2006.

  • Blerim Reka & Michael Blehner. Comentary on Law on Companies. ICON Institute, Koln, 2004.

  • Blerim Reka & Arta Ibrahimi. European Studies. SEEU Press, Tetovo, 2004.

  • Blerim Reka. UNMIK as an international governance in post-war Kosoava: NATO' s intervention, UN administration, Kosovar aspirations. Logos A, Shkup- Tirane- Prishtine, 2003.

  • Blerim Reka. EU Law. Kosova Isntitute for Euro- Atlantic Integration(KIEAI), Prishtina, Republic of Kosova, 2000.

  • Blerim Reka. The Legal Framework of NGO-s. KFCS, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova, 2000.

  • Blerim Reka. Elements of Conflict Prevention & Resolution in the Code of Leke Dukagjini. OSI, Tetovo, 1997.

  • Blerim Reka. The Right of Self- Determination: the International Dimension of the Problem of Kosova. MES, Shkup, 1996.

  • Blerim Reka- Esat Stavileci- Arsim Bajrami. Kosova: Political, International-legal and Constitutional Arguments. Kosova Law Review, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova, 1996.

  • Blerim Reka. The Problem of Kosova in the Documents of U.S. Congress: 1986-1995. Rilindja, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova, 1995.

  • Blerim Reka. Kosova: A Case for Preventive Diplomacy. Prishtina, Republic of Kosova, 1994.

  • Blerim Reka. The Years of Hoppe. Zeri, Prishtina, Republic of Kosova, 1991.

  • Blerim Reka. The Destiny in Diaspora. Flaka e Vellazerimit, Shkup, Republic of Macedonia, 1991.

Work Experience

  • Sep 2010 - Present : Pro-Rector for Research SEEU
    SEEU, Tetovo, Tetovo, Macedonia
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research
    Main responsibilities: Lead the research activities at SEEU; Chair SEEU Research Committe; Editor in Chief of SEEU Review; Coordinate and Supervise research projects at SEEU Research Centers, Tempus Projects, FP- 7 projects, etc.

  • Jun 2006 - Jul 2010: Ambassador- Chief of Mission of Republic of Macedonia to EU, Brussels
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Macedonia, Brussels
    Type of business or sector: Diplomacy
    Main responsibilities: Lead the biggest diplomatic mission of Macedonia, the Mission of RM to EU Brussels, representing RM to EU Institutions, coordinating process of accession of Macedonia to EU, SAA, Visa Liberalization, IPA funds, etc.

  • Jan 2005 - Jun 2006: Vice rector for Research
    South East European University, Tetovo
    Type of business or sector: Education and Research
    Main responsibilities: Being rsponsible for managing the research activities at SEEU, Chair of SEEU Research Committee, EDitor in Chief of SEEU Review, Coordinate and supervise the research projects at SEEU research centers

  • Sep 2003 - Jan 2006: Dean of the Faculty of Public Administartion
    SEEU, Tetovo
    Type of business or sector: Education
    Main responsibilities: Leading and managing the Faculty of public administration and political sciences