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Research groups

The research groups of the Scientific Institute “Max van der Stoel” are composed by cross-faculty academic staff of the South East European University on the field of the humanities and social sciences. The main concept of the research groups it to organize and conduct thematic research on multi-disciplinary fields.

The Scientific Institute “Max van der Stoel” has been working in the last period on encouraging the initiation of the thematic research groups that would explore, discuss and research specific fields. Through the research groups the intention is to support the brainstorming on developing the research capacities, gathering ideas and initiating some project applications on current topics and research of interest.

Each of the thematic research groups are supposed to organize scientific symposia with their teams for initiating qualitative research papers and work on organizing scientific forums or international conferences in cooperation with other relevant researchers in the country and the region. 

Active research groups of the Max van der Stoel Scientific Institute:

Inter-community relations and political dialogue

It is researching within a research project with UNDP for producing the resource guidebook on the role of Parliament’s committee of inter-community relations for developing a political dialogue.

Human rights:

This research groups operates in the format of the Center for Human Rights in cooperation with several universities in the Western Europe in monitoring and researching the trends of the human rights in the countries in transition, but as well as within the contemporary democracies.

Multiculturalism and language policies:

The research group works on researching the challenges of multiculturalism and language policies in the multicultural societies. It prepared and organized the first international scientific conference on the field on May 16th and 17th, 2014 at the SEEU campus in Tetovo, gathering the leading experts and researchers of the field.

Good governance

This a typical multidisciplinary and cross-faculty research group of researchers of each of the faculties of the SEEU that within the research on good governance are monitoring the government performances of the countries of the Western Balkans in cooperation with other partner universities in the region.

Other research groups:

  • International law

  • European studies
  • International communication
  • Preventive diplomacy and conflict resolution
  • Rule of law
  • Balkan research group