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The Fourth International Scientific Conference on Business and Information Technologies for the Impact of Pandemic COVID - 19 in Economy was held

The Faculty of Business and Economics and the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, on Thursday and Friday (September 17 and 18), in Skopje and Tetovo, held the fourth international scientific conference on: "The Impact of the Pandemic COVID-19 on the Economy, Implications and Possible Solutions".

“The purpose of the conference is to contribute to policy-making through analytical approaches to the situation and scientific analysis, to give possible concrete suggestions regarding the design of economic policies" said in his opening remarks of the conference, the Rector Acad. Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti.

“We have a social obligation to help and contribute by giving academic scientific opinion, to be a participant and to offer concrete scientific solutions to problems that affect our society ", said among others Rector Bexheti.

“These days the EU is reviewing and redesigning economic policies, as well as their instruments - the EU budget is targeting, Green economy, renewable, health, innovative technologies, integrated higher education based on interdisciplinarity (STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), all these should be a clear guide for us where we should we go” urged Rector Bexheti.

“The World Bank for long time has been suggesting to RNM investment in human capital — primarily through Education and Health. The Human Development Index, according to the latest WB publications (September 2020), shows a ‘dynamic regression’, moving only by 0.02 for 10 years (2010-2020. In 2010 it was 0.54 while in 2020, which is 0.56!” noted Rector Bexheti.

The Minister of Economy of RNM, who was a participant in the conference, thanked the South East European University and in particular Rector Bexheti for the concrete scientific contribution in dealing with the crisis caused by the pandemic COVID 19. He said that SEEU was a concrete participant in the drafting of all economic packages proposed by the Government, especially in package 2, 3 and now also in the fourth package.

“We have consultations with all actors in order to create measures which faster and more simply can be used and implemented" said Minister Bekteshi, regarding the fourth economic package.

Participant in the conference was also the Minister of Finance of RMV, Fatmir Besimi, who said that with this conference SEEU gives a concrete contribution to governance. Minister Besimi presented the scientific paper on the topic: "Global Macroeconomic Outlook".

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Hyrije Abazi, thanked the academic staff, guests and all participating researchers for their contribution. She presented the paper on the topic: “An Assessment of the COVID-19 Effect on the Economy”.

Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies, Prof. Dr. Adrian Besimi also expressed his gratitude to the participants, emphasizing the importance of information technology in coping with the crisis. He presented the paper on the topic: “The challenges of Information Technologies during Pandemic COVID-19”.

The conference continued its work in plenary and parallel sessions, where their works were presented by well-known professors and researchers in the field from universities and institutes, from the country and the region. Due to the pandemic, international participants presented their works through online platforms.

The conference was opened and moderated by Doc.Dr. Blerta Abazi, International Coordinator at FBE. The presented papers will be published in a special conference proceeding.