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Municipalities Trained in Agribusiness and Tourism

159143-TEMPUS-1-2009-1-HU-TEMPUS-JPCR Using Local Resources for Microregional Development – Sustainable Agribusiness and Tourism in the Southern Balkans

At SEEU premises in Tetovo, Association of units of self government of the Republic of Macedonia (ZELS) and SEE University organized a five day training session on the topic” Using local resources for micro regional development- sustainable agribusiness and tourism in the southern Balkans. The training sessions were scheduled for 7, 9, 12, 13, and 14 December, 2011.

The main purpose of the training was to raise the capacity of representatives from units of self government on the field of agriculture, forestry and tourism in order to secure a micro regional development.

The target groups are municipality employees within sectors of urbanism, municipality affairs, and those responsible for the environment. The trainings are part of the project Work packages that need to be performed by ZELS in cooperation with the three partner universities in Macedonia.

The participants come from the Polog and Northeast regions, as well as the municipalities of Dolneni, Struga, Debar, Zajas, Oslomej and Plasnica.