South East European University
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Together we can Contribute to our Vision “SEU 2.0”

Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, Rector

Universities around the world today are operating in an environment of rising expectations for progress in society and industry in order to be competitive in the global market of knowledge whilst facing a financial crisis and restrictive budgets. This context makes the long term sustainability of higher education institutions to remain a challenging priority.

Our university, not only for the nature of its establishment, but also by its academic activity, operates by integrating and creating these maxims in a unique and successful manner in the last ten years, remaining independent towards regional systems of higher education which are still found at the junction of the dilemma between quality higher education and quantity of free access.

The investment of over 35 million dollars, by the USA, the Council of Europe and the EU countries to build a modern campus and integrated university with study programmes comparable to international standards, based on international experiences of academic and administrative staff exchanges, always according to the latest approaches for teaching and learning management - ensures consistency of standards in higher education. Meanwhile, the mission of the university, which has wrought the freedom of using the mother tongue as a language to study (Albanian and Macedonian), and numerous programs offered in English, has created a multicultural environment with equal opportunity, giving us an opportunity to promote a new model of higher education in the region and beyond.

The new phase of the University we have named “SEEU 2.0”. The symbol 2.0 stands as an acronym over the most sophisticated technological products, where users are directly involved in its development. We are in the stage of coordination of scientific research activities with those of entrepreneurship, enhancing collaboration with the business community and community participation; we are making efforts to transform the university into a third generation university.

The South East European University will continue to emit quality through the education of new generations, future leaders, devout professionals, open and free citizens, and to motivate the political authorities to strongly support cooperation in the sphere of higher education between local and regional universities, always in view of increasing competition within this rapid globalization, but also maintain the dignity and cultural identity. This becomes a reality only by supporting initiatives between universities and initiating excellence initiatives and regional integration progress.

Our professors are the best and our students will be the most successful only when all of us will contribute to this vision together. So, with prosperity we will begin a new year, without hindering the ongoing efforts to achieve our goals on time and to set new priorities for ourselves. Success!