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SEEU-Skopje: A New Building with International Standards

SEEU-Skopje: A New Building with International Standards

Given the increase of interest to study at South East European Universityin Skopje (SEEU-Skopje), students will now have the opportunity to study at a larger and more attractive building. SEEU-Skopje has shifted into new premises—the building ‘Most’ (‘Bridge’)—located in the centre of Skopje at the entrance of the Old Bazaar.

“Moving to the new premises in Skopje was a pressing need, as the number of new students who want to study at SEEU-Skopje is increasing every year. This prompted the SEEU management to seek a larger building that meets international standards and provides the conditions required for study. The building has an area of over 3,000 square meters, including the lecture hall and classrooms," said the Rector of SEEU, Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika.

Now students in SEEU-Skopje will have the same conditions as those studying in the central campus in Tetovo.

With this investment South East European Universitybecomes the only university in Macedonia that offers the same study conditions for students both in the central campus and in Skopje centre as well.

“Our goal is that students will receive the same quality of service in any of the centres where they are studying. We care about standards, quality of teaching and infrastructure as well. In this regard we are leaders in the region”, says Rector Dika.