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Newsletter no. 24

  • SEEU’s Student Exchange Programme a Unique Experience

    The Students Trime Halili, Leutrim Mehmedi and Liridona Veliu, are only one part of the large number of students of SEEU who have used the opportunity to receive a scholarship within the exchange program “Erasmus”.

  • Lecturers Adrian Besimi and Visar Shehu gain the Project Global Integrity

    “Simply Visualizing Politics” is the project, which needs to be realized within six months and holders are Visar Shehu and Adrian Besimi, lecturers at the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies-South East European University.

  • The Education Rendezvous was held at SEEU

    On Friday and Saturday (19-20 April 2013) at the South East European University in Tetovo, the traditional high school fair in Macedonia-Education Rendezvous, was opened. The fair was attended by 1000 students from 25 secondary schools in Macedonia, including many teachers of these schools.

  • Open Day Held at SEEU

    On Saturday (13 April 2013),High school students, parents, teachers from high schools and all other interested parties, had the opportunity to become familiar with the study programmes offered by the South East European University (SEEU) for the academic year 2013/2014, and all associated infrastructure that the university has in order to offer standardized international studies, at the "Open Day" event.

  • Joint Study Programme between SEEU and University of Ljubljana was Promoted

    The new study programme in European Studies which will offer a joint degree from both South East European University and the University of Ljubljana, was promoted on Thursday (25 April 2013), in the Information Centre of the European Commission in Skopje.