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SEEU’s Student Exchange Programme a Unique Experience

The Students Trime Halili, Leutrim Mehmedi and Liridona Veliu, are only one part of the large number of students of SEEU who have used the opportunity to receive a scholarship within the exchange program “Erasmus”.

This program enables students to study and to stay for a semester at one of the partner universities in different European countries, with whom SEEU has signed bilateral agreements through the “Erasmus” program.

"There comes a moment in your life when the space and places become very familiar, people around you look the same and when ideas become poor. Challenge yourself. Become part of various projects of students exchange, move and explore the world. Challenge boundaries, be masters of yourself ", say Trime Halili and Liridona Veliu, who are currently staying at the University of Ljubljana.

“Fortune always follows the courageous" said Desiderius Erasmus, the man whose name is holding the project that has pushed young people from around the world to come together, learn and share their experiences in the best possible way. In your life, you only once can become Erasmus students. Do not ever miss the golden opportunity offered by South East European University"said Leutrim Mehmedi.

Besides the "Erasmus", there are many other programs that allow SEEU students to move among different European Universities, and later to bring their experience to their home university. According to the SEEU’s International Relation Office, there is a significant number of students who have used the opportunity of student exchange. They have enjoyed friendly and instructive experiences abroad, but have also returned with the conviction that SEEU is an equal partner with any Erasmus university. The benefits to students are clear: New experiences, expanded knowledge, friendships with students of other universities, and new opportunities to exchange ideas.