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A Contribution for Business Development through Consulting and Training

The Business Development Centre is the bridge between the business community and the South East European University with aims to support businesses in staff development and in the expansion of activities both domestically and abroad.

In 2011, the BDC contributed to business development through various trainings and consultations for Macedonian companies placing a special emphasis in the Polog region. Particularly important is the training that focused on "Leadership Development,” participated by the second generation leaders of the largest companies in Western Macedonia such as Renova, Pofix, Les Komerc, Frigotehnika 2000, Moding, Duli Kicevo, Euro Turist, and IR Trans. Moreover during 2011, the BDC organized a training named "Planning and Implementation of Business Plan," participated by 18 SEEU students (mainly) who have their own private businesses and those who plan to be part of the business world.

During this period, the BDC also conducted a training project which was organized in collaboration with the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University (IU) in the United States, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Lucknow, India, and the South East European University. This training was attended by 67 students and professors from India and the U.S. During this year, beside the services provided by the Foundation of the BDC, we began to offer two new services, such as providing business consulting for companies and services for creating and developing web sites for businesses.

The satisfaction of company owners and managers that use business consulting speak on the success of the BDC. Companies that used these services during 2011 were: Veze Sharri, Frigotehnika2000 and InterLightShop, which engaged the BDC to develop a Business Plan required for new projects in the respective company, as well as creating a web site, which was evaluated and rated with the highest possible level by foreign affiliates and domestic firms.

Besides the classical training offered, the BDC is the only provider of online training in SkillSoft, a leading company in the world. This type of training is offered not only in Macedonia but also in other countries such as Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. SkillSoft online training offers training using the latest technology and has approximately 10.5 million users in 3,000 of the largest corporations in the world, including the brands such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, IBM, ING Bank and others.

The BDC contributes to business development by offering assistance in organizing various conferences for business.