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An Interview with Prof. Dr. Roderick Beaumont, Assistant Provost

1. What was your first contact with SEE University?

I first heard of SEEU whilst I was working as Director of Curriculum for Turgut Ozal International schools in Tirana. I visited SEEU back in 2007 informally and found the campus to be 'spectacular' and decided then I wanted to be a part of this mission. As a result I contacted the English Department and eventually got hired for a position teaching English and Education related courses.

2. What distinguishes SEE University with other universities?

SEEU stands out for its openness and its cultural awareness. Many Universities around the world are inward looking rather than being outward looking. SEEU was created during an atmosphere of doubt, mistrust and inequality. The University has tackled those issues and has grown to be a highly respected institution not only in Macedonia and the Balkan region but also worldwide. We get interest from perspective students from all parts of the world and now we have to act to embrace those students, their needs and their hopes. SEEU is unique in its ability to embrace those diverse cultures and ethnicities. It must move forward in its respect for equality and fairness, however I believe this is fundamentally embraced by everyone not only in SEEU but within the Tetovo community as a whole.

3. What is your opinion about students and staff of SEE University?

I have always had a very warm feeling about our students and staff. I respect very highly our professors from the various faculties and departments. We have a unique collection of professors who each bring great experiences, knowledge and passion to the table. Our professors want their students to succeed and I am always impressed by the way many of the professors work with their students outside of contracted hours, participating in extra curricular activities, extra classes and other activities. Our professors have published and presented around the world and have the respect of their contemporaries. The students are awesome! The students above all embrace and help each other. Many are so passionate about their studies and their hopes for the future. The future of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania rests on the shoulders of our students. These are the people who will shape and mold this region. It will be through their passion and their love of country that they will make this region successful. I enjoy tremendously working with all the students in my classes as well as those in the clubs such as Drama and UTILITA. We have so much talent here and it is my honor to be able to offer my support to them.

4. From the position of Assistant Provost - Academic Affairs how do you see the future of SEE University?

The Provost's office is a great place to work. In any University the office of the Provost has to be one of passion, dedication and hard work. Within this office the University helps direct and create the future of the University in terms of academic standing. I enjoy working with Paul Foster. Paul has a clear direction he wishes the University to follow and is dedicated and passionate towards reaching those goals. The public face of the 'office' does not represent the total dedication and work that is involved in reaching the University goals.

SEEU has a wonderful future. We are currently in a low spell between the economic crisis and the sudden increase in State University campuses around the country. Yet we stand out above the others. Nothing can be gained in 'bad mouthing' our competition, therefore I look at the positive aspects of what we have and where we are going in SEEU. We have applications from around the world to study here, we have interest from professors across the globe to be part of our future. We are presently making a major curriculum revision which will place SEEU on the cutting edge of University offerings worldwide. We are dedicated to increasing the International aspect of the University whilst not losing the trust and belief of the students who live in this immediate area.

I envision the next ten years of SEEU seeing us become a truly International campus with students from across the world studying here. I see us enhancing our reputation through international and regional conferences hosted by us. Promoting more research and defining a reputation for academic success as well as pushing the boundaries. Above all I see the value and reputation of our degrees, first, second and third cycle overtaking everyone in this region and standing out as a mark of excellence, dedication and academic prowess. When families discuss where their children should go to University I see that discussion first and foremost being SEEU, the University of the Future.