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In Competition for the Shanghai List

The ranking of universities at the State level is done according to certain criteria, which play an important role in the final outcome of the ranking. This is a high level ranking list, which indicates the scope of the universities in the country and beyond.

In our case, the universities in this 'race' face competition in the context of State involvement. In order to succeed in this process, we need concrete activities. Our advantage would increase the attractiveness in research and development of the university, quality assurance and strengthening the impact of our University in the country and region, making the university more attractive to new generations and internationalization of our teaching staff and students.
Now, it is necessary to strengthen SEEU’s capacities as a unique institution and not its individual components. In order to have a satisfactory ranking of the University, the process needs to be performed based on clear criteria that will emphasize our comparative advantages among universities in the country.
The list is designed by evaluating the following data: total number of degree-seeking students, number of foreign students (degree-seeking), number of students (degree-seeking) who received academic scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Science, total number of undergraduate students (degree-seeking), number of academic staff with doctoral or other terminal degrees, annual spending on library resources, annual spending on IT infrastructure and equipment, number of undergraduate-level degree recipients, number of undergraduate-level degree recipients who graduated within regular time, total research income, research income from the Ministry of Education and Science, number of papers indexed by Web of Science, number of books published, and other important variables.