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What are the financial availabilities to study at SEEU?

For this academic year, SEEU will allocate 162 scholarships and all candidates are provided with equal opportunities to access qualification exams. For the first time, the business community is allocating scholarships as well, while "Stopanska Banka" and "Tutunska Banka" will provide facilitation opportunities to study at SEEU through credit/loan system.

In the first enrolment period at the South East European University Tetovo and Skopje, approximately 700 candidates have applied.

“These numbers are satisfactory for us and so far more than half of vacant places are fulfilled,” said Demush Bajrami, Rector’s Advisor for PR and Communication. He also mentioned that there are several cases where candidates do not have complete documentation, such as, for instance, they lack proof for state matura or similar documents, but these candidates will be enrolled upon completion of such documentation.

The SEEU Admission Office has given a clear overview on the first application period for the first year of studies in the 2011/2012 academic year according to the Faculties. In the Faculty of Business and Economics-149 candidates have applied, in the Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences -144 candidates have applied, in the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies - 142 candidates have applied, in the Faculty of Law-141 candidates have applied and in the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication- 90 candidates have applied.

“Being the only higher education institution in the country with a private-public, not-for-profit status, persistently we are trying to accomplish our mission in creating skilled staff, which are valued by society and competition in the global market," said Demush Bajrami.
Given the public value in which the university invests, we have entered in the competition of enrolment, by broadening our offer with new study programs, such as Agribusiness, Tourism and Leadership.