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‘Centre for Children’--Designed by SEEU Students--Won a 3 Thousand Euro Grant from USAID

The ‘Centre for Children,’ designed by students of SEEU’s Faculty of Business and Economics—Rinita Asani and Fortesa Asani—won a grant in the value of 3 thousand Euro in a competition organized by South East European University in cooperation with the Fund for Support of Women and Youth Entrepreneurs.

The competition is part of USAID's project for the expansion of small businesses, in cooperation with associations for rural development. This project deals with the establishment of a centre for children to help them overcome the barriers that they face during their education.

‘Our school will be a centre which will provide knowledge, education and teaching to primary school pupils from the first to the fifth grade. The courses will be group and individual, and we will do a 360 degree assessment of the children to see where they are facing obstacles, where they have difficulties and to assist them to overcome these difficulties and achieve success. But what we truly aim for is that children on their own will develop and reach their targets,’ said Rinita Asani.

‘The Project, which was supported by USAID and us, was exactly intended to support new ideas of young female entrepreneurs from the Polog Region,’ said the Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Prof. Dr. Stefan Qiriçi.

The project aims to help young female entrepreneurs, especially in the Polog region, to be enabled to realize their ideas.