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SEEU Students Win the Award NASA Space Apps Challenge 2015

SEEU Students Win the Award NASA Space Apps Challenge 2015

Four students from South East European University (SEEU) Computer Sciences—Armend Imeri, Llokman Musliu, Artan Emini from Gostivar and Ylli Deari from Tetovo—have won the award NASA Space Apps Challenge 2015. The results achieved in this competition relate to their work in programming and designing ‘3D Visual Asteroids’, which pose a threat to the earth and are shown in a web page programmed in Open Source, using SQL, THREEJS, JSON, AJAX, JavaScript and HTML.

‘In Macedonia, the competitions were held in four sites: in Tetovo, Skopje, Ohrid and Bitola. Eight projects were presented and about 70 students participated. We were a small group that worked, we were only four, but we were automatically qualified for global competition NASA Space Challenge’, said Armend Imeri.

‘Out of all the nominees worldwide there are different approaches to this issue. Our realization is one of 25 achievements that have been conducted worldwide’ says Llokman Musliu.

The students Imeri, Musliu, Emini and Deari said that for all young people who want to work in this field, there is potential to be developed; they can work and achieve success even though they do not work in Switzerland or Germany. Success is possible from home.