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It is time for statistics: About 50% of SEE University graduates in 2013 were employed

South East European University continues to keep a leading position concerning the employment of graduates. In the last survey undertaken by the SEEU Career Centre (for the calendar year 2013), the overall employment rate is 48.97%.

According to the employed graduates, 95.83% of them are employed full-time, 1.56 % are employed part-time, 1.04% of them are self-employed, and 1.56% are doing an internship.

The unemployment rate of graduates is 51.02%. Of the total number of unemployed students, 21.50 % have indicated that they are unemployed by choice, so the actual unemployment rate of SEEU graduates is therefore estimated to lie in the vicinity of 29.52%.

Marking a difference from the previous year, this year’s data show that the higher the cumulative GPA (9—10) of the graduate, the higher also will be his or her employment rate (57%). Graduates with a cumulative GPA between 6 and 7 attained an employment rate of 34.35%.

Of the total number of employed graduates, 49.47% are employed in the private sector, 46.35% in the public sector, while 4.16% are employed in other sectors.

Concerning the employment period, 26.04% have found employment before they graduated; 10.41% were employed in the period of 1-3 months after graduation; 6.25% were employed in the period of 4-6 months after graduation; 8.85% were employed in the period of 7-8 months after graduation; 20.83% were employed in the period of 1 year after graduation; while 27.60% were employed in the period of more than 1 year after graduation.