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We are working to be the first Eco-campus in the South European region

Institutional responsibility and long-term planning are two key points of the South East European University strategy for the protection of the environment.

Our university has taken concrete steps in order positively to influence how others should promote the protection of the environment, as well as to be regarded ourselves as a model of that stewardship.

The first step was the construction of the Intelligent Building; this structure was conceived and built to reduce its own CO2 emissions to zero, and to serve as a model for other University facilities.

The building has its own power system, which is provided by solar panels, and heating is done by using geothermal water pumps.

The second step was the construction of the photovoltaic power plant, which provides a significant portion of the electricity for the university. The main goal is to utilize renewable energy and thus to promote the overall protection of the environment.

This solar plant annually produces 125 megawatt hours of electricity for the needs of the University. This is consistent with the Action Plan programme that by 2020 the campus will have zero percent carbon dioxide emission.

Currently, the electricity produced by the solar panels supplies the entire structure housing the Rectorate and the Faculty of Business and Economics.

The third step was to change the heating system from oil to biomass, which significantly reduces the emission of polluting gases.

According to Prof. Dr. Zamir Dika, SEEU has openly proclaimed its intention to be the first Eco-campus in the region of Southeast Europe. To this purpose, it commemorates the inauguration of the biomass heating system (exclusively with wood) which will contribute to the environment and will lower heating costs, given the high efficiency of the renewable energy.

With this step, our University concluded one of the main stages of investment on campus, aiming towards the protection of the environment.