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Study Visits Offer a World of Experience for SEEU Students

The students of South East European University are part of the continuing processes established at this university, by which are offered possibilities for practical research and the opportunity to get acquainted closely with their field of studies.

All faculties of South East European University have, in their agenda of academic activities, placed study visits as priorities for implementation, depending on the field of study of the faculty.

Usually the Faculty of Law plans study visits in April, and the goal is for students to visit the main judicial institutions of the European Union, as well as the judicial institutions of the individual members of the Union.

“The goal is to expand the European and international horizons of our students, where they have the opportunity to get closely acquainted with the operation and the manner of work of relevant European and international institutions, such as state parliaments, the European Parliament, national and international courts, law faculties, etc.., so that what they learn in theory relates to practical aspects. Of course, during the study visits, our students have the opportunity to share their experiences with fellow students and faculties of various European countries, being closely familiar with the way of holding lectures, exercises and exams ", says the Pro-Dean of the Faculty of Law, Jeton Shasivari.

The Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies mainly conducts study visits in well-known companies in Macedonia, who have IT as major field, but also in other companies from the region. Many CST students conduct their internships in these companies.

“The interest from the students has been very great to take part in these visits and in some cases we have had concrete initiatives by students”, says Adrian Besimi, Pro-Dean of the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences and Technologies.

The Faculty of Business and Economics pursues study visits in large companies with which the University has close cooperation.