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Two international experts will oversee the quality of the University

South East European University, within the strategy for continuous quality control of academic services, has engaged two new Quality Champions.

Frances Owen and Steve Bristow are the two new holders of this position and they will, twice a year, perform audits and reviews. Their particular charge will be to make recommendations for improvements, focusing on the specified academic and administrative processes, functions or data that have been identified and agreed in advance.

Frances Owen is a well-known administrative scholar, experienced in the development and implementation of organizational strategies in large companies, corporate development and corporate governance. She is recognized as a focused researcher and an experienced quality manager with a rich and successful biography in quality inspection.

Stephen Bristow is another Quality Champion, who also has extensive experience in the field of higher education. He has been one of the main advisors for higher education to the Ministry of Education of Kosovo and a senior advisor for quality assurance and governance in the British Accreditation Council for Independent Education, as well as being a leading member of many other institutions, mainly dealing with issues of higher education.