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Student Ombudsperson - the Voice of Students at the University

The Office of Student Ombudsperson is very important for both students and the University.

The current holder of this office, student Valdeta Pajaziti, is the first Student Ombudsperson in the history of the institution. She was elected by the students, in accordance with the Statute of the Student Parliament.

“It is my pleasure to be the first Student Ombudsperson and I see this more as a responsibility than a privilege," says Valdeta, whom we met in her office, where she was reviewing some documents.

The Student Ombudsperson’s task is to care for maintaining the highest standards of academic life and to support students in their complaints.

“The Office provides effective support for students in considering their complaints independently and impartially, in cases when they are not resolved by the relevant department or faculty," said Valdeta.

The Student Ombudsperson holds a mandate of not more than a year. This is a very short time in which to make the students familiar with the role and the office. She indicates that currently, besides her daily work with students, she is trying to promote the functions of the service.

“This student service represents a new position that we have had for only for a year; it is a function, therefore, that is still in the initial stages, and not all students are informed about or use this option. But, as Student Ombudsperson, I have used several methods to inform students about my position and the role of this position at the university”, says Pajaziti.

It is important for students to raise matters of concern, to be informed about their rights, and to cooperate with their Ombudsperson. The very existence of this position at the university represents an opportunity for students to solve problems encountered in their daily studies.

"I invite all the students of SEEU to use this opportunity in their favour, so that together we reach a satisfactory, correct and quality solution, whilst always remaining in line with the rules of the University," she urges. According to her, this approach would contribute towards improving the quality of student services within our University.

Students also have a schedule to meet with the Student Ombudsperson in the office. The Student Ombudsperson will conduct informal inquiries to try to resolve any matter brought to her and to decide whether an investigation is needed. If the complaint requires further investigation, the Student Ombudsperson will investigate the complaint in an independent manner.